Custom Pixel Art Portrait Avatar Gadgets

Frank Eno
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Get your own Portrait Pixel Art design printed on a coffee mug or a mouse pad!

Ideal for sending gifts to friends and family, or just for yourself ;)

Order easily as 1, 2, 3:

  • Select the gadget you want from the list on the right side 👉
  • Place the order
  • Reply to the receipt you'll get by email with a portrait photo of your face, your mailing address, and your full name - or any short sentence you’d like to have printed on the bottom of your pixel avatar

⚠️ I will reply within 48h with a preview of what your own gadget looks like before printing and shipping it to your house! ⚠️

Coffee Mug example:

White ceramic mug 11oz

Mouse Pad example

White 9"x8"

Shipping costs:

USA: $4.49

Elsewhere: $10

Share your gadget!

Don't forget to post a picture of your gadget on your social media once you'll get it, you may also tag @xsgames_ on Twitter, your support will be greatly appreciated!

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Get a custom pixel art portrait printed on a gadget and shipped to your house!

Pixel Art avatar design
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